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Other products not discussed yet.
And we can do more than shown on the website so far
We try to have a direct supply solution for everything that is used on board on the vessel on the technical field.
We also have below items that have not been placed in earlier categories:

  • Air movers (Coppus, Ramfan and Texas)
  • Ejectors (Alpha, Körting, TeamTec and Victor Marine)
  • Gangway air motors (Pluto, Neumac and Sambu)
  • Air motors (Gast and Globe)
  • Electro motors (Techtop, EBM Papst and 3R)
  • Reduction boxes (Bonfiglioli)
  • Ratchet type journal jacks (Ellerjack and Powerlift)
  • Pipe benders (Mega, Metallwork and Powerlift)
  • Water driven ventilators (Victor Pyrate, Dyken, Taurus and Teryair)
  • Scupper plugs brass & stainless steel (Teryair and Taurus)
  • Air driven test pumps (Globe)
  • Hand operated test pumps (Rothenberger and Taurus)
  • Hand operated drum pumps (wing – rotary – lever type)
  • Hand operated grease guns (Murald, Pressol, Graco, Tengtools, Taurus)
  • Toggle pins in every size (steel, stainless steel and brass)
  • Welding inverters (Telwin and Taurus)
  • Shoulder sprayers (Mesto, Gloria, Taurus)
  • Air manifolds (Texas and Aircom)
  • Hose crimpers and ferrules (C-Cure)
  • Kinetic rim guns (Taurus)
  • Oil gauge tapes steel and stainless steel (Cobolt)
  • Gasket cutters (Klinger and Teryair)
  • Valve seat cutters (Teryair and Taurus)